"Dr. Joy dramatically helped me to regain my energy level and vitality, as well as eliminated my symptoms after the first day of seeing her. I was very pleasantly surprised! I plan to continue taking her advice and to stay in touch after returning to Washington state for college!" ~ Emily H. (Western Washington, WA)

Take a Healing Retreat in Honolulu Hawaii

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Relax, detox and rejuvenate in our private, furnished, designer studio! Relax in Beautiful Hawaii, eat from the earth, bask in the sun, detoxify your body, eliminate unwanted habits while replacing them with new lifestyle; restore your energy, enthusiasm for life, while shedding inches and pounds of toxins off your body. Feel refreshed, revitalized and renewed.

Additional Services Offered

Additional services offered include:

Physical medicine treatments: acupressure, joint mobilization, naturopathic spinal alignments and pituitary gland balancing, massage therapy, detoxifying foot baths, lymphatic massage treatments, Zerona body sculpting sessions, emotional clearing sessions, weight loss programs, percussion treatments, psycho-spiritual counseling, prepared live-food meals delivered to your door, additional visits with physicians and therapists and more!

Healing Retreat Package

For more information call 808-373-9966

Programs are custom designed to meet your personal health needs and goals.  Individualized programs range in duration from one week to six months.  Staying on Center grounds is based on availability.

Perfect for local residents wishing to have a life changing overhaul on their health and wellness.   Go from blues and blahs to dynamic, vitality, calm relaxed energy, pleasant stable moods, balanced hormones and a jump start on achieving your ideal body, ideal weight, ideal health!  CALL NOW! 808-373-9966.

Available Services

  • Private consults with licensed physician, Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff.
  • A comprehensive naturopathic assessment.
  • In-house testing, Electrodermal screening, full body thermography (teeth and breast included)
  • Complete Diagnostic Work-up
  • Wellness Report
  • Creation of treatment plan
  • Structural balancing treatment including:
  • acupressure
  • spinal and cranial alignment
  • acupuncture
  • deep tissue massage
  • facial sculpting, massage, acupuncture face lift
  • Zerona Body Sculpting
  • Pain Laser - if needed
  • Naturopathic Medicinals specifically tested and prescribed to suit your body's needs
  • PERSONALIZED lifestyle counseling
  • Nutritional Guidelines and meal plans - individualized to suit your needs, lifestyle and health goals